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Real and Fictive Consciousness
Newly edited: Kristina Turner Interviews Reijo Oksanen
Deep In Self-Sufficiency
The Meanings Put into the Isenheim Altar
Gurdjieff Internet Guide
Puutarhuri - The Gardener
G. I. Gurdjieff
The Three Pilgrimages
Objective Art & Intentional Inexactitudes
Valaam Monastery, Orthodox Tradition & Symbolism
Comments on Beelzebub's Tales
Ashoka the Great and the Enneagram
A Wish
Self-remembering - an Email to a Friend
Early Morning in May
Gurdjieff & Orthodox Christianity
Reijo Oksanen Interviewed by Guy Hoffman
Are Icons a Form of Objective Art?
How to Put an I on the dot?
Letter to a Friend - Amden 14.06.2005
Fourth Way Schools I - The Anthonites (Antonites)
Gurdjieff and Astrology
Fourth Way Schools II - the Brothers & Sisters of the Common Life
Gurdjieff Movements - Some Comments
About the Enneagram
Malcolm Gibson
Flash Memory and How It Works
Getting the Best out of Gurdjieff
How Do Things Come Together? An Email to a Friend
Walking High
The Policeman & the Policewoman
Ouspensky, Palmer and Father Nikon
The Importance of the Other -
My Story 1962 - 2012

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Looking for a group in Israel
I am looking for information, and not to put a comment. My mother has many books about Gurdjieff's philosophy that she would like to donate to people who will appreciate them in Israel. Please contact me by email. Thank you, Ayelet Soffer

Ayelet Soffer, Israel
added 2003-04-26

Israel Gurdjieff Contact
Dear Ayelet Soffer,

I am in contact with Avi Solomon, who is again in contact with a Gurdjieff group in Israel.
Please get in touch with Avi - I am sure he will be a useful contact.

Best regards,

Reijo Elsner, Denmark
added 2003-04-26

Gurdjieff and Internet both heaven & hell
Good article.

Apart from and and now your site, it is very difficult to trust the information you read on the sites. You sence quickly various rats and honest but missguided people with more ambition than understanding (not their fault).

I believe there is a technophobic diemension on behalf of Gurdjieff people and a contemp towards this media.

Another thing is the cloak & dagger attitude which prevents the giving of even exoteric information about Gurdjieffs teaching, people must struggle inorder to get information as did Mr Gurdjieff, is the mentality it seems.

The internet is a maze and in absence of traditional schools as in the east' people of potential need all help they can get.

Mika Kerttunen, Sweden
added 2004-02-16

I agree Mika, with the following comments
Thanks for your comments!

Study House, Prieure: "Here we can only direct and create conditions, but not help". If one defines the search with this in mind in the Gurdjieff context then the question becomes: where can I find such direction and such conditions that I can learn to help myself.

There is no absence of 'traditional schools' in the West today. Here the question could be: which traditional schools are such that I can learn.

Reijo Elsner, Denmark
added 2004-02-16

Group in Mexico
I am looking for a group in Mexico. Is there one?

Dr. Alberto Beuchot

Alberto Beuchot, Mexico
added 2006-01-21

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