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Hidveghy, Agnes
The Altar of Isenheim - Man in the Cosmic Order
An Expression of Legominism in the Christian Language
Astrology - The Sacred Knowledge
Menora and a Question by Dimitri Peretzi
The Soul
No Illusions No Enlightment
The New Earth a Cosmic View

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Hidveghy, Agnes
Agnes Hidveghy

Agnes Hidveghy, born 1935, escaped from her native country Hungary in 1956 and settled in Switzerland in 1957. She has studied Gurdjieff's ideas and Sufism over 45 years and has lately written about her discoveries in Christianity and her studies of the Isenheim Altar. She has recently established an art studio called 'ars sacra' in Stettfurt, Switzerland.


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Menora and a Question by Dimitri Peretzi

Introduction to the talk in 2005 All & Everything Conference in Bergen, Holland, by Agnes Hidveghy and Reijo Oksanen.


Reijo (holding a menora): We will start with candles!

(In the beginning only the seven candles are seen - the menora is hidden.)

Agi: There is only one source of light. All light gets its light from this one source. The first manifestation of this source is the octave of creation, which is always and everywhere represented in a very special way. Now here we have seven candles; they have seemingly nothing to do with each other. That is how we see this world as long as we are asleep. The first candle represents the material world, the level of the crystals. The second is the level of the plants, the third the animals. In the middle is the human being as animal plus intellect. The three higher levels have different names in different traditions. In the Christian terminology they are called the angels, archangels and the creator.

As long as we are on the level where we see the seven levels as separate, we do not see that somewhere behind (here in the Conference it is called subconscious, I use rather the word unconscious, because it is not only under our consciousness) then maybe we can experience one or another level consciously, but we fall back into the middle and we can not become the third force, in the sense Gurdjieff meant and which we should become. When we go into our inner world into the unconscious layers, deeper and deeper, then the following happens: we come to a place where two of the levels come together and still deeper, where two other levels come together; going still deeper we become the whole, the Unity.

(While talking the Menora is slowly unveiled and simultaneously with the words about the Unity the whole Menora comes to sight.)

That is what I would like to say to begin with. Now I would like to give the word over to Reijo.

Reijo: I wrote up here what we are speaking about: Astrology - the Age of Aquarius, which is my part, looking at the hypnotism that we are entering into; we are going from one age to another and the new age is called Aquarius. Agi will then continue and talk about Astrology - The Elements going deep into the symbolism that we presented with the Menora.

Agi: We have now 15 minutes for questions and answers.

Dimitri Peretzi: I have a question. First of all thank you very much. It was very interesting for me at least; I enjoyed it very much.

Perhaps you understand that what you said is very dangerous material?

Agi: Dangerous for what?

Dimitri: This is the tenth year we have been coming together. It can be seen that the Conference was born on year one and now for nine years we have been celebrating its birth. It is an anniversary so to speak. This time in March is our birth date and sign and if what you say is true you can actually tell us what the fate of this gathering is. You are the one who can in effect put into words most eloquently what we were hearing yesterday after lunch, when we were actually defining ourselves and who we are. So maybe you can just, with enough material over so many years, to pinpoint our birthday in eyes of Mars, of March, and say what it means for the organisation to have been born in the eyes of March. This is why it is dangerous.

Agi: And what you were asking for now is also dangerous! I am not a fortuneteller at all!

Reijo: Agi actually says that she can tell the future better with coffee and the coffee- rests.

Dimitri: I suggest we have a session and order a proper coffee and then you tell us!

Agi: But I would like to tell you a story as an answer. Of course it is now time that this beautiful group and the beautiful Work can rise to a new level or fall down and dissolve:
"it was nice, it was good for a time, but"

Dimitri: What you say we know; what we want to know is what we are going to do!

Agi: I tell you the story.

Years ago, in a Zoo, which was unable to nourish a Polarbear, they sold it to another Zoo, which was growing and flowering. (Reijo: It was on the Westcoast of the States; the first one was on the Eastcoast.)

The Polarbear was put in a very big car in a train, the biggest they could find and the train was to take it to the new place. We know what happens in the dangerous nobody's land, where the Polarbear now entered.

The bear arrived without problems to the new Zoo, but then there was a problem: the place for the Polarbear was not yet ready. The Zoo was very busy working on it with a huge, beautiful place with a pool of cold water and whatever a Polarbear needs and likes; these people knew what to do.

Finally when the place was ready there was a problem when the bear was let into its 'revir'; there was a big gathering and the people came with everything prepared beautifully. Everybody was watching and wanting to see what the Polarbear looks like and what he will do.

The Polarbear looked out from the car where he had had to wait for over two months for the pool to be ready. He looked shy and undetermined, but finally came out. The people were expecting him to jump into the water and enjoy the freedom and the big place that he now had.

He finally came down from the car and did this: (Agi walks three steps, lifts left leg up in front, turns back, takes three steps, lifts left leg up in front, turns again and goes on repeating this, apparently for a long, long time.)

Reijo: She can continue quite a long time.

Agi: The question is: can we recognize our freedom and use our creativity. Creativity can only be used when we are free. Free of concepts. The Polarbear was only two months in the car. Consider how long we have been in our concepts.

I can only tell you out of my experience with my teacher Reshad Field, without whom I would not have understood what I am speaking about. He was shouting with me month after month "put away all the concepts. Get away and out of your concepts!! Gurdjieff is dead!! I will also be dead!!", he shouted. I could not understand what is wrong with these concepts, because they are true, they are OK, and I knew it. But he shouted and shouted and shouted to me; not only to me, but I felt like he was only shouting to me.

Slowly, very slowly, I understood that it is necessary to die on this level to be able to resurrect in another one. There is no linear way, there is no way we can go step by step; we have to jump!

Dimitri: Thank you!

Copyright Agnes Hidveghy 2005

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