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As Gurdjieff says, "Self-observation is the function of the Master." So in the real sense, it of course has nothing to do with 'beginning exercises'. It is the fully formed, pre-existent quality of real seeing.
And even more basically, aren't you forgetting Gurdjieff's admonishments to his early students in 'Fragments'? "In order really to observe oneself one must first of all remember oneself." (Ch. 7) Exactly the opposite of what you are proposing.

E Dillin, United States
added 2011-02-06

Quit wiseacering start working.

ANON, Canada
added 2011-03-12

self-observation and self-remembering
The state of self-remembering is different from the act of self-remembering. The latter must be taught from the very beginning of stepping on the Fourth Way path.

In time. the state of self-remembering will permeate the seeker, a few seconds at first, but then, for longer periods.

The effort to be present is the heart of this work.

"Remember yourself always and everywhere."

Looking at the Grand Canyon creates a beautiful state...However, thinking about how the Grand Canyon was created interferes with state.

, United States
added 2013-12-13

Hi Rebecca, I have been a group" fourth way" since 2001. My teacher is Tony and Tony has been applying the fourth system for 30 years of more. This article is good and practical. The group is reading your article a little every week and understanding the self-observation experience as you explain each step from your point of view. thank-you. Do you have any more articles on the fourth way you would like to share with your group. Newport richey florida.

june stout, United States
added 2015-06-27

Very nice and practical article. Also its very good for beginners to have some clarity.

Prashant, India
added 2015-11-10

Beautifully done!
Many colleagues confuse SO with SR.

added 2016-11-29

Fourth Way and Self-Observation
"Sometimes it seems to me that the pill which the sly man swallowed, and gained at once what the others worked for, for years, was 'things as they are, myself as I am'. " - Rodney Collin
Fourth Way School

, United States
added 2016-12-24

Thank You!
Hello Mrs. Nottingham, I have been practicing the Fourth Way Teaching on my own for about 3 1/2 years and I am totally astonished at my inner transformation! I began at the bottom of the bottom, a beaten down depressed drunken alcoholic with no desire to go on living, totally and completely out of ideas as to how to stop the deadly and destructive path i had lived for more than 50 years. I came across your book after attending an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting and in the reading it spoke about 4th dimension living and when I typed in what does 4th dimension living meant, God showed me your book and my life has never been the same! I know a peace today that I never thought could be possible let alone exist. I read your books over and over and over again and each time I grow wiser and stronger and more peace filled. I finally understand the amazing Love of Jesus and His plan for my life and I've only grasped the tip of the iceberg! The greatest work began with my ego deflation which I was totally unaware of. I am eternally grateful to you and to the Spirit of God I know dwells in you. Thank you does not express my gratitude for these teachings. I will continue on this path and try to show others this way.

joyce Ackerman , United States
added 2017-03-07

Self observation and self remembering
I agree with others who have commented that there needs to be at least a small degree of self-remembering in order to self-observe. The two live and grow together, in my experience. The terms are not the act.

, United Kingdom
added 2018-03-13

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