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Tirado, Jose
Metaphysics at tea - A Poem
Four Poems
José M. Tirado Interviewed by Reijo Oksanen
Four New Poems On An Old Age
Gurdjieff's Possible Buddhist Influences
The Query´s Proper Direction and Other Poems
On Divine Attention

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Tirado, Jose
José M. Tirado

Rev. José M. Tirado is a poet, writer and Green activist. He is also a Shin Buddhist priest teaching in Iceland. His articles have appeared in CounterPunch, Swans Commentary, Dissident Voice, the Magazine of Green Social Thought: Synthesis/Regeneration and Gurdjieff Internet Guide.

He can be reached through his web site.

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Four New Poems On An Old Age

In The End, What Will Really Count

As sweet as your


comforting home will be,

Your hands will still touch

the private suffering

of personal voices.

On The Other Side

Beyond the northern moon,

curves the sun,

as Heaven patiently floats the

tingling rain elsewhere

and lights the silky stars.

Remembering Kyoto In August

One sun-dried rose, sad

Lying in the autumn sun

tastes of bitter Time.

The Eternal (Sensual) Return

While standing wonderously

in bundled showers,

the end of summer

found everything waiting

for luscious silhouettes

and soft sensuous thoughts...

All poems © Copyright 2004 José M. Tirado

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