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Mesa, Will
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The Spirit of Christmas and the Teaching of Gurdjieff
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A One Thousand and One Words Review Of Beelzebub’s Tales to His Grandson

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Mesa, Will
Will Mesa received his Ph.D. in electrical engeneering from the Univeristy of Florida. He spent three years with a group led by Henry Tracol in Paris, and six years with the groups of Nathalie Etievan in Venezuela, followed by four years with the New York Chan Meditation Center. He pursues a lifelong interest in the investigation of certain aspects of the Omnipresent-Okidanokh.

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The Spirit of Christmas and the Teaching of Gurdjieff


Beelzebub’s Tales to His Grandson, p.368

Now that the spirit of Christmas is approaching, it is appropriate to mentate on the deep meaning of this event.

The Son of God is born! The Son of God is born of a Virgin. Only if I am Virgin can the Son of God be born in me. How am I Virgin? When I am without images I am Virgin. Only in whom who is without images the Son of God is born. What is Virgin, that has not been touched and contaminated, is the subconsciousness. The Son of God is born in the subconsciousness. So the real question is: How to do or not to do in order that the subconsciousness participates in our everyday life? That is the question. In the subconsciousness is stored the data necessary for engendering in us the “Divine impulse of genuine objective conscience.” Participation of this Divine impulse in our everyday ordinary life is now the only way that can bring us back to normality. This is the central message of Ashiata Shiemash and the very essence of the teaching of Gurdjieff, as I now understand it.

Merry Christmas to all!


Son of God
Hello,thank's for your words.
The hard issue to realize is that each of us is responsable for his becoming the Son of God, wich is the real birth,and no specific eternal identity is there in us to guive us the certenty of a concious individual life after death.

My regards


Maurizio, Italy
added 2006-12-22

My Virgin Birth
I think now that the idea of the virgin birth may be this: that the set of qualities known as our "savior" are to spring from that which is "so of itself." This is, to me a quality in man or the universe which is there, always and not born nor partaking of death. This is the symbolism of the "Virgin" to my thinking today.

Blessings be to you of the first kind: forgiveness of our sins to the extent that we completely forgive everyone else.

Dr. Paul Tuthill

Paul Tuthill, D.C., United States
added 2007-12-23

Jesus the Man and Girdjieff's
Jesus is more than a "meta"4..He is a you are a person..and Gurdjieff discovered that and spean his life, health, energies, and time in the heroic effort to cleanse Christianity and Everybody else that discovers him and his book "All and Everything (1950 Edition only) the others are contaminated, edited, and much need parts removed) to prepare for the "Coming of the Good" the return of the true and pure teachings of Jesus Christ through "The Most Holy Sun Absolute" He comes..and thro0ugh our visable sun He comes..but that takes some telling..more about that later.
Thanks Will Mesa for your tireless efforts to cleanse the temple and prepare "The Way"

You Rock!

, United States
added 2009-12-24

Will - difficult to express - work good, thanks.

Jim, United Kingdom
added 2016-12-16

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