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Mesa, Will
A Personal Tribute to Mr. Gurdjieff
An Experiment Extracted from Beelzebub's Tales
A Lawful Voyage Through Time and Space and the Transformation of Us and Earth According to Law
An Informal Interview with Dushka Howarth, A Daughter of Mr. Gurdjieff.
The Spirit of Christmas and the Teaching of Gurdjieff
Time, the Merciless HEROPASS
From Being Double to Being Single Again: Testimony of One Year of Inner Work
Two Direct Ways of Penetrating the Subconsciousness
Hadji-Asvatz-Troov and the Feeling of Pity
A One Thousand and One Words Review Of Beelzebub’s Tales to His Grandson

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Mesa, Will
Will Mesa received his Ph.D. in electrical engeneering from the Univeristy of Florida. He spent three years with a group led by Henry Tracol in Paris, and six years with the groups of Nathalie Etievan in Venezuela, followed by four years with the New York Chan Meditation Center. He pursues a lifelong interest in the investigation of certain aspects of the Omnipresent-Okidanokh.

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A Lawful Voyage Through Time and Space and the Transformation of Us and Earth According to Law

This article was co-written with Kristina Turner


In the chapter Art of Beelzebub’s Tales to His Grandson (BBTHG, p. 464), the seven days of the week are listed as follows:

(1) Monday
(2) Tuesday
(3) Wednesday
(4) Thursday
(5) Friday
(6) Saturday
(7) Sunday

In the same page one can read this very interesting statement:

“And this division was even made by the beings of the continent Atlantis, who expressed in it that same Law of Sevenfoldnesss with which they were quite familiar.
“The days of the week were then on the continent Atlantis called as follows:

(1) Adashsikra
(2) Evosikra
(3) Cevorksikra
(4) Midosikra
(5) Maikosikra
(6) Lookosikra
(7) Soniasikra”

It would be very interesting to investigate what these names mean in relation to the names used today for the days of the week. But whatever this relationship may be, one thing is certain and it is the fact that the seven days of the week are an expression of the aspects of the Law of Sevenfoldness, as this law was known by our ancestors. In this sense, it would also be very interesting to examine the names used today and their actual connection with the Law of Sevenfoldness as this law is manifested in us and through us. This is even more urgent when one remembers that one entire chapter in BTTHG, one of the longest chapters in the book for that matter, is dedicated to how people learned and then forgot about the fundamental Law of Heptaparaparshinokh (Chapter XL and the first chapter of the Third Book).

The first fact this examination reveals is that the seven names for the days of the week used today are derived from the names of seven well defined bodies found in our solar system or the solar system “Ors” as it is designated in BTTHG. If the names of the seven days of the week are replaced by the names of these bodies, the list given above would appear as:

(1) Moon
(2) Mars
(3) Mercury
(4) Jupiter
(5) Venus
(6) Saturn
(7) Sun

Four of these names, namely, Moon, Mars, Saturn, and Sun, occupy a very important place in BTTHG and we will come back to that after examination of how the seven days of the week find correspondence with important aspects and characteristics of the Law of Heptaparaparshinokh or Law of Sevenfoldness. The examination that follows is based on the operational characteristics of the Law of Heptaparaparshinokh as described in the chapter Holy Purgatory of BTTHG.

Travelling in Time Through the Days of the Week

Imagine now a voyage through the days of the week and imagine that this voyage is structured according to the operational characteristics of the Law of Heptaparaparshinokh. Each day of the week is a center of gravity or point of deflection of the Law and the time between one day and another is a particular Stopinder in the Law. This means that each day has a very specific subjective property, as each Stopinder of the Law has its own subjective property. For instance, Monday is a critical day because it is the beginning of the octave and its lowest point in the ascending scale and Sunday as well because it is the day when we have to move to a new beginning. And it seems to be such because statistics show that the greatest number of heart attacks occurs on Monday between 5 AM and 9 AM and Sunday is officially accepted as the day of rest in preparation for Monday, something contemporary society is overlooking with very serious consequences for our psyche. But examination of the voyage is incomplete until the three most relevant characteristics of the Law of Heptaparaparshinokh are brought in. These three characteristics are the three altered “subjective actions” or three Stopinders of the Law, namely the Stopinder between the third and fourth centers of gravity (between Wednesday and Thursday), the Stopinder between the last deflection point and the beginning of a new week (between Sunday and Monday of the new week), and the fifth Stopinder which corresponds to Friday. This means that the time between Wednesday and Thursday will be characterized by what is called the “mechano-coinciding-Mdnel-In.” The time between Sunday and the beginning of a new week will be characterized by what is called the “intentionally-actualized-Mdnel-In.” And Friday, the fifth day of the week, corresponds to what is called the “Harnel-Aoot.”

Now the voyage through the days of the week becomes more interesting because we can somehow become conscious travelers. And it is so because now we are aware of the operation of the Law of Heptaparaparshinokh in our voyage through the days of the week and it is this knowledge that can help us to “become capable of becoming aware of the genuine corresponding place” during these days (BTTHG, p. 755-756). More specifically, on Wednesday we would be very attentive to all forms of help we receive from outside because the “mechano-coinciding-Mdnel-In” is the one through which we receive help from forces outside of us. On Sunday we would be very attentive to the quality of rest we get and the conditions we need to make it through the “intentionally-actualized-Mdnel-In.”

The matter of relaxation is one of really great importance in our work. We do not practice relaxation in life. We carry too much tension during the whole day. Sunday was always a day for intentional relaxation and now it has become a day for shopping.. We need to re-engender the real practice of relaxation. This is what Sunday is for.

It is also here that we have to make some very specific intentional efforts so we can achieve mastery over this Mdnel-In and move to a new octave or a new week. What we need here is preparedness and attention. This is the moment when we need some form of “intentional being-contemplation” so that we do not waste the energy needed for the transition to a new week. This is the day of rest and return, that Day when our CREATOR rested after Creation of the Universe and the day when we should rest. No wonder the conscious members of the Club of Adherent of Legominism reserved this day for the “day-of-music-and-song” (BTTHG, p. 465). But from the point of view of the operational characteristics of the Law of Heptaparaparshinokh, the most important day of the week will be Friday. It is here when we have to be very attentive because now we come to the Harnel-Aoot and the most important aspect of this altered Stopinder is the fact that it can give results “opposite to each other” (BTTHG, p. 791). It is on Friday that we can acquire the vivifyingness needed by the Law in order to proceed to Saturday and finally to make it through Saturday and then to Sunday. This seems to be what the week tells us because it is on Friday when we get the most lost. If we do not make it through Friday we will never reach point six in the so-called enneagram of the week, the point where we get revelation from point nine Above as to the secret of how and what we need to do on Sunday. Here again the conscious members of the Club of Adherent of Legominism were very careful in selecting appropriate activities for Friday and Saturday. Because of the different forms that we can adopt on Friday, they assigned this day for the “day-of-sculpture.” And concerning the revelation we get at point six from nine Above, which in our voyage corresponds to Saturday, they appropriately reserved this day for the “day-of-the-mysteries.”

So, traveler of the week be aware of your journey because the Law is inescapable and inexorable!

Travelling in Space Through our Inner Solar System

The analogical correspondence among the days of the week and the bodies of our solar system raises a very interesting question. Is it possible to find an analogical correspondence between a voyage through the week, as described above, and a voyage through our solar system? Assuming that it is possible, then it would be much more profitable for our inner work if the imagined voyage takes place in what we may term our inner solar system. That we have an inner solar system is a fact derived from what in BTTHG is called the only cosmic truth we three brained-beings of Earth know, namely, “we are the images of God” (BTTHG, p. 775). The fact is that each one of us to the smallest detail is a replica, but in reduced scale, of the Megalocosmos or, as it is also known, God. It is in this sense that we can speak of an inner solar system. And it is in this sense that our ancestors identified each and every day of our week with each and every one of the seven bodies of our solar system. Now we can imagine two voyages, one through the seven days of the week, as described above, and one through the seven planets of our inner solar system and the analogical correspondence among the days of the week and the bodies of our inner solar system is established. We may even say that the voyage through the seven days of the week is a voyage in time while the one through our inner solar system is one in space. But the common characteristic of both voyages is the fact that both are governed by the Law of Sevenfoldness.

If the voyage in time through the days of the week goes from Monday through Sunday, the voyage in space through our inner solar system goes from the Moon to the Sun. The common feature of both voyages is that they are both voyages in consciousness. In fact, each of the voyages is an adventure in consciousness, the one through the days of the week is an adventure in consciousness-time and the one through our inner solar system is an adventure in consciousness-space and both of them taken together represent an adventure in consciousness-space-time. If each day of the week corresponds to a center of gravity in time, each planet in our inner solar system corresponds to a centre of gravity in us, and since this is a voyage in consciousness-space, each center of gravity is a center of consciousness. The seven taken together then form the seven centers of consciousness found in man according to the Law of Sevenfoldness.

Seven stellar objects are visible to the naked eye from Earth, and correspondingly, seven centers of gravity are visible from my “below’ within.

The seven centers of consciousness have been named by Mr. Gurdjieff in his teaching. They are the moving-instinctive-sexual center, which is comprised of two centers, the physical center and the sexual center. In our inner solar system distribution, these two centers are represented by the Moon. Then there is the feeling center which is the basis of our emotions. In our inner solar system this center is represented by Mars and Mercury, each one with a particular emotional content. The thinking center is now represented by Jupiter. And then we have the two higher centers, the higher feeling center and the higher thinking center. In the inner solar analogy they are represented by Venus and Saturn respectively. Finally there is in us the higher center of consciousness which is a reflection of the Most Holy Sun Absolute. In our inner solar system this reflection is the Sun. The Aim of Earth is to serve the Sun and not the Moon as is the case now. In BTTHG, the central figure is the Most Most Saintly Ashiata Shiemash and he represents a Ray of Light. The name Shiemash may derive from Shamash who was the common Akkadian of the sun god and god of justice in Babylonia and Assyria. The seven days of the week, the seven bodies of our inner solar system, and the seven centers of consciousness found in us according to the Law of Heptaparaparshinokh, now find the appropriate correspondence and can be listed as follows:

(1) Monday---Moon---Physical-sexual centers.
(2) Tuesday---Mars---initial stage of feeling center
(3) Wednesday---Mercury---final stage of feeling center
(4) Thursday---Jupiter---thinking center
(5) Friday---Venus---higher feeling center
(6) Saturday---Saturn---higher thinking center
(7) Sunday---Sun---highest center or reflection in us of the Most Holy Sun Absolute.

If we now follow the operational characteristics of the Law of Heptaparaparshinokh with its three distinctive Mdnel-Ins, we can see that in our voyage through our inner solar system, the first Mdnel-In comes between Mercury and Jupiter. It is at this precise point in space during our inner voyages through our centers of consciousness that we can receive help from Above, from point nine in the enneagram, or from thinking that is above in our organism. The second Mdnel-In comes precisely between the Sun and the Moon and it indicates that in our voyage through our inner solar system the correct intentional efforts are not directed to escape from the solar system but to return to the Moon. This means that all the higher substances obtained from the reflection in us of the Most Holy Sun Absolute serve the transformation in us of our inner Moon and hence Earth, as will be shown in the next section. But the most interesting aspect of this voyage through our inner solar system is what happens at Venus. It is at this point in our voyage that the Harnel-Ahoot of the Law makes its appearance and it is at this point where the Fifth of the Law manifests in the form of the possibility of “opposite results.” In our inner voyage this corresponds to the place of temptation, the place where we can crystallize in us Objective Conscience or we can crystallize in us what in the teaching of Mr. Gurdjieff is know as the Hasnamuss type. All depends on the efforts we make in our voyage through our inner solar system and particularly on what we decide to do at the place of Venus. This fact is implicitly acknowledged in two places in BTTHG, the first on page 55 of BTTHG with the reference to the planet Venus and the love of Hassein for his grandfather and the second on page 1015 with reference to the statue of “Venus and Psyche” (nothing in BTTHG is unintentional or accidental).

Dynamic Characteristics of our Inner Solar System: Exoteric and Esoteric Meaning of Planets, Days of Weeks, and Stopinders

The aim of this section is to bring attention to a possible connection between the movement through the planets and the days of the week and relate both of them to the Stopinders of the Sacred Heptaparaparshinokh. For the sake of simplification the notes of the musical scale have been used in the identification of the centers of gravity of each Stopinder of the Sacred Heptaparaparshinokh.

Moon-Monday-DO: This is definitely the beginning of both the octave in time (outer journey) and in space (inner journey) space. Monday is the beginning of the week and the lowest point in the week and that is the reason why most heart attacks take place on Monday between 4:00 AM and 9:00 Am as it has been shown. The Moon is also the beginning because it is the Holy-Denying and we always begin with the Holy-Denying in all we do. It is also the woman in us and we must always begin with the woman because she is the one that knows all. So, here we can be sure that we are on the right track.

Mars-Tuesday-RE: As far as the week is concerned no question here because Tuesday follows Monday. As far as the inner journey through the space of the bodies of our Solar System, Mars must correspond to what is designated as the lower part of our feeling emotional center. In the analogy, Mars represents the lower part of our feeling emotional center because Mars is the god of war and it symbolizes anger. So, our feelings or emotions can be taken as the beginning of our inner war and our anger can be transformed into real force which we need to continue our inner voyage through our search. It is through Mars that we get MI and Mars represents RE.

Wednesday-Mercury-MI: Mercury represents the upper part of our feeling center Mercury represents the principle of movement and flux. It is clever and cunning and it is flexible and able to see possibilities that other principles might not recognize. This is one of the functions of the upper part of feeling centre and now the emotions from Mars have changed and moved into higher possibilities. It is important to realize that we are engaged on a positive or evolving trip. So, here we pay attention only to the positive aspects of the solar bodies. The degenerated aspects would correspond to a descending or involutionary movement and we are not concerned with that, only in the measure that somewhere during the voyage we will have to struggle with those negative aspects. But our voyage is fundamentally one of evolution towards the Sun of our inner solar system.

Mechano-coinciding-Mdnel-In: Here comes the first shock and it is here that the traveller needs help coming from the affluence of forces coming from the outside. Wednesday is a good time for this because we are now in the middle of the week and now we need some help to make it through to the end of the week. There are very interesting ideas about the days of the week in Folk Lore literature. Monday was considered the first day and Sunday the last day. Monday is sometimes known as Sunday’s brother and Wednesday is the day to go to church and pray. This may be an indication that the only way to get help is from outside, as is the case for the Mechano-coinciding-Mdnel-In. We can ask for help by praying. Wednesday is MI. Now, concerning our inner space voyage, the Mechano-coinciding-Mdnel-In between Mercury and Jupiter is very precise because it indicates that in order to move from upper feeling centre (Mercury) to upper thinking centre (Jupiter), the help needed not only must come from outside but from Above as well, as it is shown by the connecting of point 3 in the enneagram with point 9 Above. Thinking centre is above feeling centre. Therefore, all here fits very well.

Thursday-Jupiter-FA: The Time journey is moving well because we have received help. The Space journey is also okay because Jupiter is prone to expansion, growth. This is exactly the function of the thinking centre, to grow and expand into the higher feeling centre, which is Friday or Venus or as we see next.

Friday-Venus-SOL: Now we come to the very important Harnel-Ahoot or Fifth of the Law. Friday is the best day for the Fifth of the Law because it is the day of the week when we all can get lost and have “results opposite to each other,” which is one of the main characteristics of the Harnel-Ahoot. To people who were always “missing the mark,” Mr. G referred to as having five Fridays a week. This says it all! So, Friday corresponds to the note SOL; but what about Venus as the note SOL and seat of the higher feeling centre? The positive aspects of Venus are gentleness, kindness, caring. It lovingly draws growth out of the miracle of creation. This is an accurate description of the higher feeling centre which in itself is always positive. It is in this centre where we experience kindness, love, and compassion for the other. It is from here that we can put ourselves in the position of others and it is from here that we can enter Holy Purgatory. So, either from the point of view of the voyage through Time or Space, Friday-Venus fits perfectly with the note SOL and with the Harnel-Ahoot and the higher feeling centre.

Saturday-Saturn-LA: This is when in time and where in space the sixth Stopinder begins. Saturday is an approximation to the last Stopinder. It is a day of activities but these activities are different than those of other days of the week. In Time, Saturday is the day of mysteries and revelations from Above. In space, it is the planet corresponding to the higher thinking centre. It is the principle of judgement, of weighing up the options, of considering all the factors “objectively’ and reaching a reasoned conclusion. If Venus is the opening to Objective Divine Conscience, Saturn is the opening to Divine Objective Reason.

Sunday-Sun-SI. This is the end of the octave both in Time and Space. It is the day of rest, the day our CREATOR rested after Creation was complete. It is the day in which we have to prepare for the beginning of a new octave. It is also the reflection in our inner voyage of the Most Holy Sun Absolute. Before we reach Holy Sun Absolute we must reach our own Sun in our own Solar System. We become immortal within the limits of the solar system. We cannot see Holy-Absolute because the law of contact is very rigorous but we can see the reflection of Holy-Absolute in our Sun.

Intentionally-actualized-Mdnel-In: This is where the second shock comes and when we have to do something in order to begin a new and higher octave. But we must do it by returning to the Moon, to Monday. Otherwise our Earth will not be transformed.

Transformation of Us and Earth According to Law
We transform ourselves by returning to what needs transformation and growth and the part that needs transformation and growth is us is our inner moon. Correspondingly, we transform our planet by returning to what needs transformation and growth in relation to Earth and the part that needs this in relation to Earth is the Moon. From this point of view, the right point of view because the way of transformation is always the way of return, Sunday is the preparation needed at the Intentionally-actualized-Mdnel-In in order to transform our inner moon as well as our outer Moon. We have to do something very specific on Sunday.

And what is it that we have to do in order to transform our inner moon as well as our outer Moon?

The answer BTTHG gives is in terms of one of the most fundamental cosmic laws considered and studied in detail in the chapter on war of the book: the-law-of-the-equilibration-of-vibrations. This law is so important in the transformation of both our inner and outer worlds that it may be considered as the third cosmic law, after the first or Sacred Hepataparaparshinokh and the second or Sacred Triamazikamno.

The-law-of-the-equilibration-of-vibrations states that transformation is always the result of an equilibrium between quantity and quality. In other words, the service we have to render to Great Nature through our inevitable participation in the Trogoautoegocratic process, or process of reciprocal feeding, is always by the way of quantity or by the way of quality. When quality is low, quantity must be high and conversely, when quality is high, quantity is low. For Great Nature it is the same whether the service is by the way of quantity or by the way of quality. Nature’s laws benefits Nature one way or another. The optimum condition is when quality and quantity are in equilibrium. God is served, Nature is served, and we are served. We are here on Earth to serve. That is the sense and aim of our existence.

One of the main aspects of the teaching that Mr. Gurdjieff brought to us is that we are on Earth to serve the Moon. This means that we are here to serve both our inner moon and our outer Moon. This service is inexorable and we cannot escape to it. But we can do it by the way of quantity or by the way of quality. The best is to do it by the way of equilibrium. For us as individuals this means to sacrifice quantity for the sake of quality. Quantity in us is now reflected in the subjective views and beliefs by centuries rooted in us and that now form what is known as subjective reason. Hence the Prime Directive of Beelzebub’s Tales:

To destroy, mercilessly, without any compromise whatever, in the mentation and feelings of the reader, the beliefs and views, by centuries rooted in him, about everything existing in the world.
Then the possibility exists for the crystallization in us of another kind of reason known as Divine Objective Reason. But this Reason it is not going to come just by asking. The condition sine qua non for the emergence in us of Divine Objective Reason is “suffering.” Certainly not our mechanical suffering which is what we have to sacrifice, but the Suffering entailed by what is the Alpha and Omega of the teaching Mr. Gurdjieff brought to us: Conscious labours and intentional suffering. No one saw this better than Orage in his keen Commentaries on Beelzebub’s Tales when he wrote:
Objective Reason means coming to the end of subjective reason and then having a totally different experience….The end of subjective reason, as in the case of Hamolinadir, is complete despair.

The emergence of Divine Objective Reason in us as individuals is dependent on our determination to sacrifice quantity for the sake of quality. Then our inner moon is transformed and can grow in us normally and not abnormally as is the case now. And as Divine Objective Reason emerges in more individuals on the planet, our outer Moon is also transformed and can growth normally, as must be the case. Then the Consciousness of the planet can grow and both the individual and the planet can normally serve a destiny higher than that of being total slaves to the requirements of the Trogoautoegocratic Process of both local and general character. According to Mr. Gurdjieff, all that is required is for two hundred people to become conscious for this to happen.

There is Great Hope for us.

This Teaching is a Great Positive.

Concluding Remarks

There is a voyage in Time through the days of the week and there is a voyage in Space through our inner planets. Both voyages conform to the operational characteristics of the Sacred Heptaparaparshinokh, the law of process. Every voyage, either in Time or Space or in Space-Time, is a process. The voyage in Time tells us how we can use the days of the week to make it to Sunday. The voyage in Space tells us how to make it to the Sun. The Law tells us how to return to Monday or the Moon. The return must be according to Law because as Mr. Gurdjieff said, everything is according to Law. We return to Monday and the Moon through actualization of the Intentionally-actualized-Mdnel-In. To get to this interval we need conscious labours. To cross the interval and return to Monday-Moon, we need intentional suffering. The secret password is revealed to us as we come face to face with the mystery of Saturday. Then we can cross or return to a transformed Monday and a transformed Moon, and the return takes place in us and outside of us. We no longer have to feel the despair of Monday nor the fatality of the Moon. We have now sacrificed quantity for the sake of quality according to the wise provisions of the-law-of-the-equilibration-of-vibrations. We come to the portal of Divine Objective Reason. We are transformed and the Earth is transformed with us. Our voyages in Space and Time are no longer a hopeless and tedious voyage through our lunacy and the lunacy of the planet. Our voyages in Space and Time now have meaning and purpose. While we travel, we also put a brick into the building of the New Jerusalem. We become brick layers. We have found the sense and aim of our existence.
Blessed are those who find the sense and aim of their existence. They are known as the brick layers of the New City.



September 21

Ok! I finally finished, slowly, reading the article. BTTHG has got to be the most incredible product I have ever encountered. I am so grateful that Will and yourself undertook such an important undertaking as this. Around these 'ideas' for lack of a better word, are their specific methods to practice that would allow integration of this in the form of application to the work on awakening? Or did I blink and miss that part? Great piece!

Thank you, and Will for your effort!

max myers, United States
added 2010-09-21

This is awesome!
Going through the BTTHG third time...The Master Gurdjieff appears a tough master, merciless, wayward ...but all for the 'I' that is the problem in US!

You seem to be going deep in seven laws and applying it greatly in day to day life...thanks for sharing. Good 'Work'!

Its painful that the man like Ouespnsky betrayed Gurdjieff and ultimately himself, couldn't understand that System is Alive only with Master like Gurdjieff not with scholars like him...I feel sad for him though I read somewhere that he realized his mistake to some extent in his last days...

Feeling grateful to Gurdjieff for the enormous Help....

Its the blessing for Earth itself when people like Gurdjieff visit it!!

, India
added 2011-01-15

She died on July 23, 2003
She died on Wednesday, the final day of the feeling center. Here "feeling" could mean "sensation" or it could mean "emotion." She wrote me a birthday card that read, "I love you Robert." So I read it as coming from her emotional center. I call to her, now, "I love you Mother, and will no longer think about how to join you, rather I will go to you immediately. Noa Ain, sing me your song, "Come closer to me, you're a natural wonder."

Robert Bruce Lehman, United States
added 2012-05-26

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