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Roberts, Kevin
Paying our Debt
Commentaries on Tales

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Roberts, Kevin
Kevin Roberts runs a special Bed and Breakfast service in Austin, Texas. His other two websites are and somaZen Bodymind Integration.
Kevin has plenty of articles on all sites - this is just a small taster.

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Commentaries on Tales

noble red pepper

as we begin again one feels the ongoing spiral or long body of the tales. like the snake swallowing its own tail, we go deeper and the 'warning instead of a preface' makes ever more sense.

The Arousing of Thought

what at first appears to be some kind of arbitrary self-talk draws us in till we find ourselves agreeing with g. then suddenly we may realize that all the bon-ton reading we have done our entire life has been, as he says, 'quieting notions evoking only naive dreams' and we are left with nothing. thus g has emptied our cup right in front of us.

next g speaks of the "law of association" and the difference between mentation by thought and mentation by form. the latter is important for the digestion of this book, and is part of g's 'form and sequence' in changing our way of seeing reality.

to help us grasp the idea we are treated to our first direct parable (of course the whole book is parabolic). the Transcaucasian Kurd shows us a primary inherency of ours, that is, gluttony, and how it may effect us in the work. we will soon find out we have gotten more than we bargained for, and as he says, 'already "smell" something' by the end of this first chapter. instinctive functions are much used in the work as they are fast and accurate, communicating many important data for exact constatations.

after again challenging us to put the book down, g lays into us with our first piece of objective news, our 'fictitious "consciousness"' and the real consciousness (which we call subconsciousness). thus we may, for the first time, reflect actively. this is quite a blow, as we are all quite sure of ourselves, having sampled the best of therapy and 'new-age' spirituality, how dare he say we have NEVER reflected. nonetheless, we become, as he says, curious. who is this guy?

now that we are ready to 'take the bait' we get, yep, more parabolic stories. from walking with feet in air to wisdom teeth to drunk merchants we are treated to colorful tales with secret messages throughout. take, for instance, the slippery something mentioned on page 31-32; or the something oozing chronically on page 34; or the fact that the text is directed to those who 'exist almost always on a bed of roses and frequently dance the fox trot' (americans). this of course all leads to 'something very strange' on page 37. could all this be the same something on page 38?

then on to the hero(pass) of our story, beelzebub. this is said to evoke an 'unfriendliness' toward g, which leads us to Karapet. here we learn the importance of 'drinking honestly' and using mechanical customs to attain our aim. thus we, who live between 'sleep and drowsiness,' are of no matter to the person of g.

yes, there is something burning . . . i recognize the smell . . .

KSR Sun, 21 Feb 1999

"We gain further understanding of the nature of personality, when we realize that this light which he reflects is exactly what he does not absorb."- Rodney Collin The Theory of Celestial Influence, p207


feed back
I have been seeking insight into formal thought. I expect to refer back to this as the study on chapter 1 in the forum continues. This it seems to me is worthwhile and helpful.

steven marino, United States
added 2003-05-19

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