Oksanen, Reijo

Walking High

In a recent seminar with Reshad Feild (Easter 2007) he warned us about walking and sleeping simultaneously. For an example it is important to be awake when walking in the countryside under a bridge, because you never know - there might even be a cow up there, and the reminders they send are heavy in weight and smell.


Signpost at Tscherwald over 1400 m height in Amden

Today I went walking with Agi up to the mountains where we live. We arrived in Tscherwald and had a pleasant walk lasting a few hours. No bridges we had to go under!

I was remembering God fairly often (this is otherwise known also as Self-remembering) and felt good. I had a thought, a kind of challenging sentence, and told it in the following words to Agi: "When you are present - where is God then?" Of course I was feeling very pleased with myself having been able to utter such wisdom.

Agi answered: "When you are not present - where is God then?"

Then it happened! I stepped straight into a large cow cake that was lying on the path. God had revealed himself! He can even use a piece of shit for teaching!

Footprint in the cowshit

My footprint in the cow shit

Agi laughing

Agi saw me stepping in the cow shit
and could not stop laughing for five minutes

Now I can only thank God for the reminder!