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Articles & Translations

This section has a growing number of articles and translations from various writers. Select writer from the menu to the left.

The Gurdjieff Internet Guide accepts and encourages contributions in the form of submissions that are related to the contents of the site. We are interested in your contributions to be able to give our readers a wide picture of the Gurdjieff work and the Fourth Way in their various aspects. Instructions for submitting your writings, reviews or translations can be found here.

Latest uploaded articles
Jarvis, Jan

What We Are Obliged To Do: Thoughts on the Strivings
Man has broken the cycle. Although he partakes of the abundance provided by the cyclic transformation and in some instances, enhances it, through good husbandry, more often, he is a drag on the earth, taking more than he provides. Added 4 Feb 2014

Developing Genuine Conscience
The aim of our practicum is to explore how we can work practically with the strivings to obtain genuine conscience. Even as we contemplate the intention and meaning of these strivings, we must learn how to practice them in our daily lives.Added 4 Feb 2014

Looker, Azim

Gurdjieff, Feeling, Work, Livingness...
The Real Gurdjieff Work G. I Gurdjieff himself is the centre of any consideration of the nature and intent of the "Work" he brought. What is often called “The Work” is frequently an Ouspensky-based rather intellectual pursuit, decorated with diagAdded 3 Feb 2014

Turner, Kristina

All and Everything Conference 2013
Although our life circumstances may be quite different, in widely diverse parts of the globe, our essential, inner, experience is shared. It is profoundly affirming to be together, even for a few days.Added 18 May 2013

Oksanen, Reijo

Ouspensky, Palmer and Father Nikon
..Palmer and further on to Father Nikon of Karoulia. Gerald Palmer was born in 1904 and died in 1984. Apart from having been an MP (Member of the Parliament) and a cricket player, Palmer was one of those who were following the teachings of Ouspensky,Added 9 Apr 2013