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Articles & Translations

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The Gurdjieff Internet Guide accepts and encourages contributions in the form of submissions that are related to the contents of the site. We are interested in your contributions to be able to give our readers a wide picture of the Gurdjieff work and the Fourth Way in their various aspects. Instructions for submitting your writings, reviews or translations can be found here.

Ginsburg, Seymour

Exchange with Sy Ginsburg

Sy: The study of dreams is very broad. Certainly not every dream is propounding great wisdom from the Self. There are a lot of dreams where you stub your toe, or hurt your foot and it generates a dream.

Sy Ginsburg Interview

Separate spiritual traditions meant little to Ashish whether it was Theosophy, Gurdjieffianism or the strict Vaishnavan sect of Hinduism in which he had become a monk.

The High Commission and other Sacred Individuals, What Do They Represent?

In reading through Beelzebubís Tales to His Grandson over many years, I have often speculated about just what Gurdjieff intended when he wrote about the High Commission and the Sacred Individuals.