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Articles & Translations

This section has a growing number of articles and translations from various writers. Select writer from the menu to the left.

The Gurdjieff Internet Guide accepts and encourages contributions in the form of submissions that are related to the contents of the site. We are interested in your contributions to be able to give our readers a wide picture of the Gurdjieff work and the Fourth Way in their various aspects. Instructions for submitting your writings, reviews or translations can be found here.

MacFarlane, Ian

An interview with Ian MacFarlane

In this interview, Ian discusses topics including the application of new technology for inner work, his experiences with the All & Everything Conference and the second conscious shock.

The Second Conscious Shock: From Ouspensky to the Tales

The text format of Ian MacFarlane's speech that was delivered in the 2005 All & Everything Conference in Bergen, Holland.

Ian MacFarlane Interviewed by Reijo Oksanen

I think it is time that the veil of secrecy about Work practices is lifted. As I said previously, many of the practices covered under the term of Conscious Labour are available in other Traditions