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Articles & Translations

This section has a growing number of articles and translations from various writers. Select writer from the menu to the left.

The Gurdjieff Internet Guide accepts and encourages contributions in the form of submissions that are related to the contents of the site. We are interested in your contributions to be able to give our readers a wide picture of the Gurdjieff work and the Fourth Way in their various aspects. Instructions for submitting your writings, reviews or translations can be found here.

Hykes, David

Interview with David Hykes

Letís say I'm chanting. I might habitually think that the sound is streaming out of meóbut thatís not necessarily where the vibration is coming from. Some of the energy might also be going in a different directionóinto the network of inner channels.

Music of the Spheres and the Harmonics of Being: The Search for Awakened Listening

Gurdjieff brought to life a teaching with a very complete vibration, or as he said, a "wholly-manifested intonation," with many, many harmonics. That is, many levels.