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Articles & Translations

This section has a growing number of articles and translations from various writers. Select writer from the menu to the left.

The Gurdjieff Internet Guide accepts and encourages contributions in the form of submissions that are related to the contents of the site. We are interested in your contributions to be able to give our readers a wide picture of the Gurdjieff work and the Fourth Way in their various aspects. Instructions for submitting your writings, reviews or translations can be found here.

Some of the interviews

Sy Ginsburg Exchange March 2005

So many of us are miseducated. We want the ego to grow, we want to be important and all of these things. We want to be special.

Reijo Oksanen Interviewed by Guy Hoffman

Guy Hoffman has a way of putting questions that makes people talk. He made me say things on subjects that I normally do not talk about. ---Reijo Oksanen---

Gloria Cuevas-Barnett Interviewed by Guy Hoffman

Gloria Cuevas-Barnett lives in Phoenix, Arizona and is the Director of the Center for Development of Human Potential. The Center serves as a facilitator for the growth of spirit, mind and body, providing self-discovery workshops, publications and eve

Richard Wachtel interviewed by Avi Solomon

Richard Wachtel is a long time student of Gurdjieff's teaching, who had as his teacher Mr. Willem Nyland in New York. Mr. Wachtel now lives in Jerusalem, Israel.

Jim Belleau, USA, interviewed by Guy Hoffman

Jim Belleau is a film-maker, whose video "Experiences with the Sacred Movements" came out in June 2003.

Will Mesa, USA, interviewed by Guy Hoffman

Will Mesa received his Ph.D. in electrical engeneering from the Univeristy of Florida. He spent three years with a group led by Henry Tracol in Paris, and six years with the groups of Nathalie Etievan in Venezuela, followed by four years with the New

John Anthony West, USA interviewed by Guy Hoffman & Reijo Oksanen

Much of the presentation of 'Symbolist' Egypt has come out in early 2003 in the form of his Magical Egypt series with four episodes of a projected six now available in VHS and DVD.

Matt Mitler, USA, interviewed by Guy Hoffman

Matt Mitler: "Well, there is a sort of undeclared rule of thumb in the Gurdjieff Work, which is not to proselytize. There is then an opening for a search, for one to come to the Work on one’s own. Or not."

Guy Hoffman, USA

Guy Hoffman had a career as a succesful hair-dresser in New York. He has written about his 'search' in articles and off-Broadway plays.

Jose Reyes, Dominican Republic

Once someone asked Mr. Gurdjieff how he could pay him back for all he had received from him. Mr. G’s answer was, you can pay me back with I Am.

Martyn Chalkley, UK

Although fairly simple I believe my poetry was inspired by my own search for the miraculous and gives an insight into my essence and personality. I wondered for a long time but now I think I am begining to understand.

John Bainbridge - TOROTE, UK

John Bainbridge started his new web site TOROTE (The Open Repository of Transpersonal Experiences) in Feb '03

All & Everything 2003 - the 8th International Humanities Conference

The All & Everything Conference has become established as an independent forum on the work of G. I. Gurdjieff, attracting international acholars, artists, scientists, group leaders, students and speakers from around the world. The 2003 conference tak

Ian Phillips Lawrence, UK

Look back into history and ask what has most profoundly influenced the progress of the human race? The answer is IDEAS. Great conquerors come and go. Political reformers change the emphasis of affairs but it is the men of ideas that change the world.

David Kherdian & Nonny Hogrogian, USA

Stopinder, a Gurdjieff Journal for Our Time, is a printed magazine that focuses around G. I. Gurdjieff and his teachings. The editor is David Kherdian. His wife Nonny Hogrogian is the Art Director.

Theodore J. Nottingham, USA

Upon encountering the writings of Gurdjieff and Ouspensky during an intensive period of searching for deeper meaning in life, my life was transformed into a "before and after". After that followed a time of reading all related materials and finding

Dr. Sophia Wellbeloved, UK

The whole period of research was an extraordinary time, it was a strange feeling, to discover that he had structured his book as a zodiac and to know that I was the first person to recognise what he had been doing

John Maxwell Taylor, USA

My purpose in writing this work was to create a play that would give truth seekers all over the world an experience with Gurdjieff's energy and ideas in an accessible form.

Sy Ginsburg, USA

Separate spiritual traditions meant little to Ashish whether it was Theosophy, Gurdjieffianism or the strict Vaishnavan sect of Hinduism in which he had become a monk.

Kenneth Jonsson, Sweden

It's obvious a powerful system like this can be misused in several ways by people that do not understand they're just mad machines like the rest of us. I'm quite pessimistic.