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Karl Reichl

Karl ReichlDr. Karl Reichl is a professor at the University of Bonn and directing the Research Centre for Oral Epics and Medieval Orality. The centre was established to further research on living traditions of oral epics as a comparative basis for a better understanding of medieval poetry (in particular in Old and Middle English) which flourished and probably originated in an oral milieu.

Dr. Reichl is also vicepresident of the International Association "Epics of the World's Peoples" with the goals to establish a network of scholars working on epic poetry; to initiate an exchange of information on activities and projects; and to organize conferences and symposia, as well as festivals with epic singers and field trips.

Turkic Oral Epic Poetry: Traditions, Forms, Poetic Structure

Author/Artist: Karl Reichl
ISBN: 0824072103
Publisher: Garland Pub.

From Book News, Inc.
Taking Milman Parry's and Albert Lord's studies of the South-Slavic oral epic as its model, introduces the comparatist to Turkic oral epic poetry from Central Asia. Based on fieldtrips to Central Asia, the book contains both an introductory survey of a variety of Turkic traditions and a detailed analysis and discussion of poetic and aesthetic questions. Annotation copyright Book News, Inc. Portland, Or.

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