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J. W. Dunne

J.W.Dunne (1866-1949) was an accomplished English aeronautical engineer and a designer of Britain's early military aircraft. His "An Experiment with Time," first published in 1927, sparked a great deal of scientific interest in - and controversy about - his new model of multidimensional time.

A series of strange, troubling precognitive dreams (including a vision of the then future catastrophic eruption of Mt.Pelee on the island of Martininque in 1902) led Dunne to re-evaluate the meaning and significance of dreams. Could dreams be a blend of memories of past and future events? What was most upsetting about his dreams was that they contradicted the accepted model of time as a series of events flowing only one way: into the future. What if time wasnt't like that at all?

All of this prompted Dunne to think about time in an entirely new way. To do this, Dunne made, as he put, "an extremely cautious" investigation in a "rather novel direction." He wanted to outline a provable way of accounting for mulitple dimensions and precognition, that is, seeing events before they happen. The result was a challenging scientific theory of the "Infinite Regress," in which time, consciousness, and the universe are seen as serial, existing in four dimensions.

Astonishingly, Dunne's proposed model of time accounts for many of life's mysteries: the nature and purpose of dreams, how prophecy works, the immortality of the soul, and the existence of the all-seeing "general observer,' the "Witness" behind consciousness (what is now commonly called the Higher Self).

Here in print again is the book English playwright and novelist J.B. Priestly called "one of the most fascinating, most curious, and perhaps the most important books of this age." "Experiment with Time" is the second relase in Hampton Roads Publishing's "Classics in Consciousness" series.

J. W. Dunne

An Experiment with Time

Author/Artist: J. W. Dunne
ISBN: 1571742344
Publisher: Hampton Roads Pub.

Book Description
J.W.Dunne ("Intrusions?," "The Jumping Lions of Borneo," "Serial Universe") first published his ground-breaking theory of time in 1927. Spurred by dreams and other personal experiences to an intense interest in the nature of time and human perception, Dunne designed an experiment whose purpose was to isolate the barrier dividing our knowledge of the past from that of the future. Conversant with the concepts and language of physics - which he deemed inadequate to describe a world that is largely experiential - Dunne weaves an intriguing, intelligent, and convincing theory that has earned him a place of honor among the twentieth century's brightest minds.

- Brilliant theory that puts Dunne in the ranks of Einstein, Hawking, and other pioneers of physics and consciousness research

- A scientific experiment to probe the nature of time and the barrier dividing knowledge of the past and future

- Contains one of the first scientific arguments for human immortality

- Explores the relationship between dreams, time, perception, and reality

- As original and thought-provoking today as it was three quarters of a century ago

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