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Lizelle Reymond

Lizelle ReymondLizelle Reymond was born in the early part of last century in Neuchtel, Switzerland. As a child, she traveled widely with her parents and enjoyed an extensive private education in art, music, and literature.

When she was twenty, she became a librarian at the League of Nations, a post she held until World War II. After the war, she left Europe for Calcutta to begin the long series of Indian experiences that have inspired so much of her writing.

Madame Reymond lived in Geneva when she passed away in the early nineties.

(Picture from a painting 1989 Schoneberg Portraits)

Lizelle Reymond

To Live Within: A Woman's Spiritual Pilgrimage in a Himalayan Hermitage

Author/Artist: Lizelle Reymond
ISBN: 1596750162
Publisher: Morning Light Press
First published: 2007

Translated from the French original La Vie dans la vie by Nancy Pearson and Stanley Spiegelberg.
Foreword by Jacob Needleman

This book is a record of ideas and experiences of the times the writer was in India with Sri Anirvan. The teachings of Sri Anirvan are based on Samkhya Yoga philosophy and practice.

Madame Reymond writes in a letter in 1979:

'After four years of constant working in Lohaglat and Almora in India with Srimat Anirvan, when I came back, Madame de Salzmann, whom I knew personally, advised me to open a Gurdjieff Center in Geneva. Samkhya - a wide basic foundation of life - is very near to Gurdjieff's teaching though in a different form and language.

Our Geneva Gurdieff's group has now 25 years of existence during which I have gone several times to Sri Anirvan in Assam and India. These last eight years, as he was very ill, I met him every Winter to terminate a second volume on Samkhya. It was corrected by him as 'To Live Within' had been. This book is not yeat published. I am working at it. It is for me a sacred task.

Srimat Anirvan passed away May 31st 1978. He was a great master. In India he is considered as the most profound Vedic Scholar of our time and, at the same time he was a Baul, which means a man speaking from his freedom born in the Void.'


Samkhya and Gurdjieff
To Live Within has value to those who study Yoga philosophy as well as those who study Gurdjieff.
It is a story of the writer's long time relationship with her teacher Sri Anirvan and her efforts to follow his teachings.
Sri Anirvan's own studies include the Vedas and his teaching has elements of these ancient texts going back three thousand years.
The concept of 'Sahaja' is defined as Yoga in life. Sri Anirvan: 'To accept Prakriti in its totality is pure Sahaja'... And what has Gurdjieff created for you in the West? Surely a field of prakriti corresponding to your own possibilities.'

Reijo Oksanen, Switzerland
added 2002-10-20

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