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Keith A. Buzzell

Keith A. BuzzellDr. Keith Buzzell was born in 1932, in Boston, Massachusetts. He studied music at Bowdoin College and Boston University, and received his medical doctorate in 1960 at the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine. For the past 35 years, he has been a rural family physician in Fryeburg, Maine, a staff member of Bridgton Hospital and currently holds the position of medical director at the Fryeburg Health Care Center. Dr. Buzzell has also served as a professor of osteopathic medicine, a hospital medical director and founder of a rural hospice program.

Keith A. Buzzell and his wife Marlena, met Irmis Popoff, a student of Gurdjieff and Ouspensky and founder of the Pinnacle Group in Sea Cliff, Long Island, New York. From 1971 until the mid-1980’s they formed work groups under Irmis Popoff’s supervision. In 1988 Dr. Buzzell met Annie Lou Staveley, founder of the Two Rivers Farm in Oregon and maintained a Work relationship with her up to her death. Dr. Buzzell lives and continues group Work in Bridgton, Maine.

Other written work by Keith A. Buzzell

The Children of Cyclops: The Influences of Television Watching on the
Developing Human Brain. Fair Oaks, Association of Waldorf Schools
of North America, 1998

Man: a Three-brained Being. Maine, Wyllaned, 1997

Presentations at All and Everything International Humanities Conference 1995

Articles for Stopinder Journal 2000-2003

Keith A. Buzzell

Reflections on Gurdjieff's Whim

Author/Artist: Keith A. Buzzell
First published: 2012

Jackson Bailey
Oregon, June 2, 2012
Myself being such a visual learner, Keith’s foldout has become an almost indispensable tool in my study of the laws. If I find myself with a question regarding the laws, usually I can find a diagram in the foldout that corresponds or relates to my specific question. I refer to it almost daily and I store it in whatever book I happen to be reading at that time; it’s my new bookmark.
Steffan Soule
Oregon, May 15, 2012
This book [Reflections on Gurdjieff’s Whim] is great. I am now at the end of Chapter 8 and I find section 2 to be so great that I wanted to just stop and say Thank You! One of the most useful events that has happened to me in reading books about G’s Work is confirmation for progress that I cannot seem to find in groups or in brief discussions. (And this has happened in big ways only a few times. This is one of those rare times.)

Page 136 on to the end of the chapter suddenly helps me, because I know I am not insane or something like that. It just plain helps me to know that this Real I and Conscience interplay that has been deeply and constantly going on in me since a moment of cosmic something that “happened in me” in 1992 (years and years ago) fits clearly into the process definitely outlined by G. And how it all relates to Attention which I have personally verified countless times but still I am always a bit open to wondering: what am I missing? There is some doubt you know, even with real progress. I need to connect with others partly to validate my own realizations, for confidence. It’s an odd fact of life, even when we’re talkin’ higher stuff!

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