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Dushka Howarth

Dushka HowarthDushka (Cynthie, Sophia) Howarth is the daughter of G. I. Gurdjieff and Jessmin Howarth.

Dushka's life work in the Gurdjieff sense is centered around preserving the teaching in the fullest in purest possible form for the future generations.

Jessmin Howarth was one of the main inheritors of the Gurdjieff Movements, which she taught through her life.

Duschka Howarth maintains a website called the Gurdjieff Heritage Society

Dushka Howarth

It's Up To Ourselves

Author/Artist: Dushka Howarth
First published: 2009


A remarkable mother-daughter memoir and unique perspective on Gurdjieff's life and times, this long awaited book presents hundreds of photos, documents, and private letters. Colorfully portraying prominent people in the international community involved with the “Work” and its continuing development, the book offers unusual personal perspectives of Gurdjieff, the man, his family, and his teaching methods: Movements, music, writings, special dinner rituals, etc.

This 500 plus page hardcover book features an original painting by Alexandre de Salzmann based on the scenario of Gurdjieff's ballet, “The Struggle of the Magicians.”

Pre orders can be placed here: Gurdjieff Heritage Society


"David/London/UK" does disservice to a remarkable woman and her remarkable book. Perhaps the pictures, David, are "low-resolution" for a good reason -- that is to check any more good people stealing them. You seem to be a good fellow, so read the book -- you WILL love it, and then you can send Dushka a large box of chocolates AND an apology.
One of her father's briefest aphorisms: NEVER CONCLUDE.

Sean Mahoney / Bombay, India
added 2009-12-26

The subtitle on the cover of the book is, "A shared memoir and family photo album".
Certainly the website which promotes this book makes much of the wealth of photos that it contains. There sure are lots of pics in the book, but many many of them are of a terrible quality. It's not that the photos reproduced are old, worn, creased or faded - unbelievably the photos printed are very often of a very low digital resolution. It looks like the images have been enlarged from a tiny thumbnail. A book heralding itself as 'memoir and photo album' should not be like this. I do not feel this book is worth the money asked.

A friend of mine has said that she values what is written in the book more than the pictures. I have yet to read it, so can't comment. I guess it should be interesting to hear what a physical child of Gurdjieff has to say.

But seriously, see if you can have a look at a friend's copy to make your mind up before you part with your cash. You probably think I'm exaggerating about the quality of the photos - but please believe me, you may well be quite shocked.

David, London, United Kingdom
added 2009-11-18

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