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Ashala Gabriel

Ashala GabrielAshala Gabriel has and continues to wear many hats befitting her callings in both the worldly and the spiritual domains.
Functionally, she founded an independent New York City literary agency, was a copywriter for major advertising agencies, is still a creative consultant, children's book author and published poet.
Spiritually, she's been a student-practitioner of metaphysical and wisdom teachings from her early youth - a major influence being the Work of G.I. Gurdjieff.
In the early 2000s Reverend Gabriel "received" her guided HeartReadings Work and has served the initial aspects of that calling publicly via
She was graduated from Brown University, received her Master's degree in TESOL from Hunter College and holds a Doctor of Divinity from The College of Divine Metaphysics.
Living in New York City for 33 years, Ashala Gabriel now travels wherever Spirit moves her.

Ashala Gabriel

Remembering: being with my teacher

Author/Artist: Ashala Gabriel
ISBN: 1475214952
Publisher: CreateSpace
First published: 2012

One student's storybook-tribute to a living teaching shepherded and unsparingly nourished by a man without quotation marks: Lord John Pentland, President of the Gurdjieff Foundation in North America.
A collage of achingly-touching, ego-diminishing, cosmic and comic stories which could only have unfolded face-to-face with a genuine teacher whose larger-than-life lessons reawakened and unplugged that soul-spark-of-conscience we all hunger for bringing another scale of meaning to our everyday existence. Lord Pentland, aka LP to those closest to him, is portrayed here as a fully human, extraordinary being who personally saw to the developing consciousness of many with a loving impartiality only teachers humbled by authentic experience can impart.
Under his direct guiding Presence this student, as well as her peers, were challenged to ask themselves how far they could "see" what Mr. Gurdjieff called "the terror of the situation" and which efforts could help.
Whatever your spiritual path or inclination, this heart-telling "read" is intended to encourage all of us to recall and reconnect with the ONEness we are part of and our real Self.


Pure Magic
(This is a slightly edited version of a review that I originally wrote for my public figure page on Facebook.)

I'm in the process now (about one third of the way through) of reading a marvelous book entitled "Remembering."

The book, penned by Ashala Gabriel, recounts some of her many magical (and often tellingly difficult) experiences with her teacher Lord John Pentland, who was head of the Gurdjieff Work in America until his death on February 14, 1984. Lord Pentland was also my teacher for 18 years, and this book brings this remarkable man to life in a way that is both true to life and bigger than life. I believe this book is destined to become a "spiritual classic," for we see here both Lord Pentland's amazing humanity and his ability to see exactly what was needed at any particular moment to help those who came to him for help see themselves as they are, with all of their self-deception, as well as with their great potential for consciousness and conscience, for self-transformation.

This book manifests love on every page I've read so far, not just the love of a student for her teacher, but the unconditional love of the teacher himself, and of the conditions that he created for genuine inner work. This is a book that will help open you to the miracle of your life.

Dennis Lewis, United States
added 2012-08-27

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