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Thomas de Hartmann

Ren ZuberThomas de Hartmann (1885 - 1956) and his wife Olga met Gurdjieff in 1916 in Petrograd and became, both in their own way, two of the important followers of Gurdieff from Russia to France and later also America.

Thomas de Hartmann was a celebrated composer, who is responsible for what to day is known as Gurdjieff-de Hartmann music. He wrote also down some of the music after Gurdjieff's death.

Olga de Hartmann became Gurdjieff's longtime secretary, who amongst other things wrote down much of Gurdjieff's books after his dictation.

Olga de Hartmann

Works by Thomas de Hartmann

Our Life with Mr. Gurdjieff
When he met Gurdjieff Thomas De Hartmann was an officer in the Imperial Guards and already a known composer. As world war gave way to revolution the de Hartmann's, together with Gurdjieff's other followers .....

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Ren ZuberNuestra vida con el seor Gurdjieff
Cuando Thomas de Hartmann conoci al Sr. Gurdjieff en 1917, era ya un afamado compositor en San Petersburgo. Este libro ameno, anecdtico, es un relato de significativas experiencias vividas por los esposos .....

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Vort Liv med Gurdjieff
Se Our Life with Mr. Gurdjieff .....

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Notre vie avec monsieur gurdjieff
Prsentation de l'diteur
Des nombreuses formes dont G. 1. Gurdjieff se servit pour transmettre son enseignement- trois sont absolument uniques : le systme d"'ides", les "mouvements" et la nique. Pour .....

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Ren ZuberThe Music of Gurdjieff/de Hartmann
Performed by Thomas de Hartmann
Composers: Gurdjieff/de Hartmann

3 CD Box Set or
4 Cassette Tape Box Set

The original recordings of piano pieces performed by Thomas deHartmann.


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Ren ZuberNotre vie avec Monsieur Gurdjieff
Prsentation de l'diteur

Le grand matre spirituel Georges Ivanovitch Gurdjieff encouragea le dveloppement de la pense consciente volontaire et s'opposa toute adulation aveugle chez ses adeptes. .....

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