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Reshad Feild

Reshad FeildReshad Feild (born Richard Timothy Feild; 15 April 1934 – 31 May 2016) Reshad Feild is author of more than a dozen books, which have been translated into several different languages, and have sold a high number of copies world-wide and are considered to be among the cornerstones of modern spiritual thought.

In Search of Truth

Reshad Feild's journeys have taken him from his native England to the far reaches of India, America and Europe. Among else he has been a pop star, a stockbroker and an antique dealer. His life has been a continual search for ever finer dimensions of Truth. Having been touched by the teachings of G.I. Gurdjieff and P.D. Ouspensky, of Tibetan Buddhism and through his meetings with Tibetan Llamas, the Native American Indians, Shamans, as well as masters of the Sufi path, he finally met up with his true Teacher.

Singer, Author, Teacher

Born in England in 1934, Reshad Feild left college after receiving a typical British education and joined the Royal Navy for two years of national service that existed during that time. After he left he went to London, where during a short period he worked in the stock market and in the advertising business. During that time he bought his first guitar, and very soon was singing in a restaurant at nights. This led to the formation of the singing group called The Springfields, which became very famous at that time, and which was given the award for the best vocal group of the year in 1963. When the group disbanded, Tim, as he was then known, went into the antique business. Not long afterwards an event occurred which completely changed his life.

The Essence of Sufism

One morning when Reshad entered an antique shop, he met Bulent Rauf (1900 - 1987), the man who, over the next years, was to become his spiritual teacher and whom Reshad, in his first two books The Last Barrier and To Know We're Loved (The Invisible Way), has given the name Hamid. It was through Hamid that Reshad met Suleyman Dede, who was, at that time, the Sheikh (Turkey) of the Mevlevi Dervishes in Konya. There Reshad received training into many of their inner teachings, which go back over 700 years. It was also at this time that his name was changed to Reshad, which is in fact very close to his original first name, which was Richard. Reshad Feild's first book became well-known world-wide. It was followed by many other books as well as lectures, and music tapes and years of an extensive activity in teaching, and holding seminars. Reshad lived in the United States for 16 years before he went to Switzerland. After a long stay he is now back in England.

In Search for the Inner Meaning of Life

The whole of Reshad's life has been one of adventure and travel throughout the world in his search for Truth and the inner meaning of life as we see it. As we read the books of Reshad Feild we realise that there is One Essential Truth, which forms the very basis of our existence on earth, and we are invited to share with him some of the questions that arise in the hearts of all true seekers. We are given a taste of the real freedom that can be experienced in our daily lives. We discover that real living is here, in this world, and not in the illusion of a spiritual dreamland.

Reshad Feild

Breathe, for God's Sake!

Author/Artist: Reshad Feild
ISBN: 3942914085
Publisher: Chalice Verlag
First published: 2013

This book holds a treasure of deep insights into the great mystery of breathfrom a spiritual perspective. Inspiring discourses, effective and safe practices and beautiful poetry from various traditions encourage the reader to explore the wonder of breath on many levels.
What is breath, really? What is the meaning of this life-giving secret? How important is conscious breathing for true spiritual transformation? What do we make of the fact that our life's possibilities lie between an in- and an out-breath? How is breath related to the rhythm of the universe and, thus,to time? What is its role in the "becoming of being" from the ever present "womb of the moment"? How can we breathe in food and distill it into the alchemical elixir needed for real change in our life to come about? How can we breathe out to change the atmosphere in a room or in a given situation, in full responsibility for the people around us and for "the world to come"? What could it mean that Jesus "walked on water" and that "breath and Spirit are one"? What is, esoterically speaking, the relation between Mary, Jesus, the Spirit of God, Ruh Allah, and Christ? On the basis of his lifelong studies of the world's major spiritual traditions, and especially from the inner essence of Sufi teaching, Reshad Feild provides food for thought and practical means to help people work with the breath in everyday life. For more than forty years he has been of considerable influence at the forefront of spiritual teaching in the West. Among his books are the auto-biographical bestselling novels The Last Barrier and To Know We're Loved.

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