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Jerry Brewster

Jerry BrewsterJerry Brewster was a group leader of the Gurdjieff Work in New York City. He studied personally with Mrs. Sutta, Christopher Fremantle, Mme, de Hartmann, Mme. de Salzmann, Henri Tracol and Michel de Salzmann. He followed the teachings of G. I. Gurdjieff; better known today as The Fourth Way. He devoted over 50 years of his life to the practice and teaching of what has become known as the Work and made great efforts to expand the understanding of it.

Jerry's view of the work was very scientific, hence the name Spiritual Physics which he suggested before his death in 2009. There is a chapter in this book that introduces Jerry's personal search to understand the Enneagram.

Jerry Brewster

Spiritual Physics

Author/Artist: Jerry Brewster
ISBN: 9781304561879
Publisher: Jamm Publishing
First published: 2013

An exploration of the ideas of G. I. Gurdjieff through questions and answers. Compiled by John Anderson & Marshall May. Ships in 6-8 business days.

There is a chapter in this book that introduces Jerry's personal search to understand the Enneagram.

"As I start to receive impressions, I start to see the unbecomingness of my life. Something awakens in me that I need very much. These moments are very important in the reaction after that moment in which the space is filled anew, I try to beautify the picture or change it, but not taking a new photograph. I must learn, again and again, to take another photograph..."

I don't move - I let the energy move; this is a practice. I surrender to the energy, I allow it to move. I am the vessel for this movement. If one could be like that in action, it will be done. That would be the right work of centers; the energy has to be put before the question "Who am I?"

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