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Wim van Dullemen

Wim van DullemenWim van Dullemen (1942) was a student of the Dutch composer Wolfgang Wijdeveld. He accompanied the Movements classes of Mme Solange Claustres, a direct student of Mister Gurdjieff, for 13 years. Besides many concerts of Gurdjieff and De Hartmann music, he presented the Movements on Dutch television. He gives seminars on Movements all around the world. For the last 36 years, he has been in close contact with many Movements teachers and students. So far, 3 CD Collections of him have been published.


Wim van Dullemen

Wim van Dullemen

Gurdjieff's Movements: The Pattern of All and Everything

Author/Artist: Wim van Dullemen
First published: 2014

G.I. Gurdjieff (1866-1949) dedicated his life to the pursuit and teaching of an ancient knowledge about Man and the Universe.
Gurdjieff's Movements is the name given to the collective body of dances he collected, choreographed and developed as part of his teaching. In all probability, Gurdjieff must have taught well over a thousand Movements throughout his teaching life, but only a couple of hundred are still remembered today.
The Movements are based on traditional dances Gurdjieff learned as he traveled all through the Middle and Far East, Central Asia and Africa, where he encountered, observed and participated in various Sufi Orders, Buddhist centers, Dervishes, ancient hidden monasteries and other sources of traditional culture and learning.
The Music for the Movements was written by Gurdjieff and Thomas de Hartmann, a composer who was one of his students. The musical formats systematically represent some of the cosmic laws taught by him.
Gurdjieff taught that the Movements were not just exercises in concentration and displays of bodily coordination: on the contrary, the Movements incorporate real, actual knowledge, passed on for generations - each posture representing a cosmic truth the informed observer can read like a book.
Wim van Dullemen, 1942, pupil of the Dutch composer Wijdeveld, is one of the first musicians to perform the music of Gurdjieff in concert halls of international importance. Van Dullemen has been accompanying Movements classes for over forty years, playing, practicing, researching and teaching.
Amir Kaufmann, 1962, an artist, photographer and film maker. His works's main aim is to reveal with outer images internal emotional states and freeze existential moments (being in the moment) - words presented by utilizing visual impressions - to stimulate and inspire the observer.
On the book and the film
This new book 'Gurdjieff's Movements - The Pattern Of All And Everything' ( Germany 2014, hard cover, 246 pages) sketches the Movements' history, diversity, developments and developed frames since Gurdjieff's personal work, his death and students to recent developments. The book visualizes many personal experiences, the movements' importance, the fundamental movements sounds and laws within the accompanying music,
This new film 'Gurdjieff's Movements - A Body Towards An Aim' (Germany 2010, 60 minutes), allows a unique view into two rare topics: these movements and the sound. The movements - with its evolving process from initial choreography research, backstage rehearsals and up to the final performance. The touch of sound: a main substance Gurdjieff had emphasized, collected and used - and has been researched by van Dullemen for many years.

On the project
This new dual book/film release brings to a closure seven years of complex hard work, and a collaboration between van Dullemen and Kaufmann, in Berlin, Germany. Van Dullemen relates to the project seed idea and birth in his book:
"When I started writing the first chapters of this book, I met Amir Kaufmann, a filmmaker and multidisciplinary artist, who wished to make here in Berlin, a new film dedicated to his own experiences with the ideas of Gurdjieff and possibly incorporating Movements. Amir had previously published a book on the existential essence of sounds, 'Magical Sounds'. This background enhanced our communications and our perceptions merged into a mutual approach. The idea of a joint project was born."

Book/DVD package purchase:
This new book and film DVD are available to purchase in a combined market format only. Orders could be made directly through:
In the U.S. - through 'By The Way Books' store: Link to By The Way Books
In Europe - through the 'Movement Foundation' site: The Movements foundation
(Dec 2014 update: First edition was sold out in Europe and is available only from the U.S.)
To arrange a film screening - please contact the producer directly.

Technical note
Great efforts were made to prevent textual errors in the book, although by nature, this is an endless and limited task. We would be thankful to any correction sent to the writer - which would help to improve future editions.
Efforts were made to print the DVD and test it for compatibility to the current and latest market hardware/software versions of DVD players, including Blu-Ray technology (although the film is in SD quality), Apple and PC computers. Still, as of the nature of this diverse versions technology market, aging platforms or self modified versions - it would not be possible to guarantee smooth play of the DVD in such occasions.

Wim van Dullemen - , Movements Foundation
Amir Kaufmann - ,


Great book, film a hack
To present a contradictory opinion here, or a different "force" in Gurdjieff terms, I would disagree that the film is anything but, at best, an incomplete document.
The book is extremely interesting and structured, and enjoyable to read. This cannot be said of the film; and to read here that this is the fruit of 7 years of work by a "filmmaker" (shall we call him a mini-DV-maker?) is a bit disconcerting; what I watched seemed to be thrown together as an afterthought and didn't look like more than a week of work.
Gurdjieff's ideas should be represented better in Movie form, reflecting the beliefs of the importance of "work." What we see here is a badly shot, badly mic'd, badly edited narrowly yet shallowly focused documentary on an extremely interesting subject.

Anon, United States
added 2016-09-14

Internet Movements videos
I would like to watch your DVD (This new film 'Gurdjieff's Movements - A Body Towards An Aim' (, Germany 2010, 60 minutes), allows a unique view into two rare topics: these movements and the sound. But I warn you that until now I have not found a single video of movements (exception made of the ones shown in the G. movie: Meetings) which has the " Vivifyingness of Vibrations" of the movements, sacred dances and Piano Music, we have performed for the last 40 years at our place, for me all of them are just cartoons of the real movements. It seems to me that everyone is just performing from their egos...What is it they lack? only the performance of real movements can reveal that, but I could say that they lack real work, they work from their mechanical side only. Yes they do not work while moving, yes I am talking about: Work: The real thing they will never experience. And the music? movements music must be a continuous stream of auditive energy which comes from a higher source and when passing through the piano player organism sustains the movements as if this energy could makethe movement by itself, this energy must touch the dancer so that this dancing human instrument moves according to what the piano player (another human instrument) dictates...but no sir, you cannot find that in the regular movements videos posted in the internet nowadays...all are only is yours? is it possible to watch it?

juan casiabi, Mexico
added 2015-06-13

The DVD: A Look into Heaven
To give a taste of the work with the Movements the book was complemented by a DVD called 'A Body towards An Aim' which was produced in collaboration with Amir Kaufmann. Wim van Dullemen and Christiane Macketanz describe their way to get in contact with Music and the Movements and about their process of research with the aim of detecting as much as possible the historically correct form of each Movement.
Wim describes what it means to use the touch of sound to establish a mutual interchange between the musician und the dancer and how important the element of improvisation was to support the inner work that takes place every certain moment in the dancers of the class.
Looking at the Movements on the DVD caused in me a feeling of being connected with universal laws or, as it was said in the film, to have a look into heaven. Especially watching the 'Prayer of 26th June' caused joy, nearly as much as practicing the Movements by myself . . .

Matthias Buck-Gramcko, Germany
added 2015-03-02

Something Extraordinary
It is remarkable that 65 years after Gurdjieff's death and a lot of publications Wim managed to write such an exciting book about this subject. He transfers his enthusiasm for his research to the reader and describes the fundamentals to gain competent knowledge of Gurdjieff's Music as well as of the Movements.
Especially the second part of the book provides a lot of information about the origin, several creative periods, recent developments and the resulting structure of Gurdjieff's Movements. He also gives an interesting overview of the whole 'Movements scene', the roles persons and organisations play who were directly or indirectly involved.
This story line Wim complements with his own experiences and insights, which makes the book authentic and sometimes even humorous. He describes his own way from the first experiences with Movements up to what he represents now: a leading authority in Gurdjieff's Movements and Music.
Thank you Wim, for sharing this knowledge with us!

Matthias Buck-Gramcko, Germany
added 2015-02-25

Subjective and Objective
I was waiting for this book and the video for over ten years, and it was worth waiting for! The package is without doubt the best presentation of Gurdjieff Movements that ever has been published.
I enjoyed both the subjective and objective elements of the book (which I have just finished reading); subjective, as based on the direct experience of Wim van Dullemen during his contact with the Gurdjieff Work for over 50 years.
Also the objective: the presentation of the Gurdjieff Work (also apart from the Movements) gives a good idea of what the Work is about and takes the reader further than so many writings now available.
Bravo Wim!

Reijo Oksanen, Switzerland
added 2014-12-20

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